Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki
Specialty Wrangling
Starting Ability Tame
Passive #1 Skirmish
Passive #2 Owner's Pride
Counter Might
Movement Move.pngMove: 4 Jump.pngJump: 5, Swim.pngSwim
Equipment Dagger, Spear, Bow, Shield, Light Armor
Knight 3
Mender 3
Complete Mission "The Monster Mine"

Monster trainers who have an uncanny connection with the beasts of the World. Wranglers require the Missions and Monsters DLC to use.


7.5 2.0 3.75 3.75 3.5 3.75 1.17



Name AP MP Range Area Shape Type Vs
Tame 0 6 1, Vert. 4 Single Ability.pngSkill Res
Deals 0.5x Magical (ATK) damage to the target, but will not kill the target. Target has a chance of being recruited depending on their HP. It bypasses all Counter.pngCounter abilities. It ignores the Protect status and cannot be evaded. Only works on certain Monsters.
Frenzy! 150 12 Self All Allies Ability.pngSkill None
Grants AtkUp.pngATK Up and removes MndUp.pngMND Up from all allied Monsters.
Calm... 150 12 Self All Allies Ability.pngSkill None
Grants MndUp.pngMND Up and removes AtkUp.pngATK Up from all allied Monsters.
Might 175 Counter.pngCounter
Grants AtkUp.pngATK Up,MndUp.pngMND Up to the character after being targeted by any damaging offensive action.
Heel! 200 8 1-4, Vert. 8 Single Ability.pngSpell Def
Teleports the target Monster to target adjacent tile (cannot be a water tile).
Beast Whisperer 200 16 1-3, Vert. 4 Single Ability.pngSkill Def
Has a 75% chance to inflict Charm.pngCharm on the target. If successful, the target is Mind-Controlled for 1 turn. A Mind-Controlled unit takes an immediate turn after receiving the effect. Only works on Monsters
Owner's Pride 175 Passive.pngPassive
Whenever an allied Monster falls in battle or defeats an enemy character gains a 10% bonus to their SPD for the duration of the battle, to a maximum to 40%.
Tag Team 200 16 1-3, Vert. 4 Single Ability.pngSkill None
Character removes a currently deployed Monster (cannot be in a water tile) and replaces it with a non-deployed Monster unit. The new monster will retain the HP and MP of the replaced unit.
Skirmish 200 Passive.pngPassive
Character can make another movement of 1 after taking an action.
Hunt 200 10 Weapon Single Ability.pngSkill Def
Deals 1.5x Physical.pngPhysical (ATK) damage to Monster units and reduced damage to non-monsters. Counts as a Regular Attack and will use the equipped weapon's element and debuffs.
Attack! 250 12 Self All Allies Ability.pngSkill None
All allied Monster units execute a Regular Attack that bypasses counter in their current direction if they have a valid target.
Quicken Monster 200 10 1-3, Vert. 6 Single Ability.pngSkill None
Grants the target an immediate turn. Can only be used on Monsters.


If you take an action before moving, Skirmish gives you +1 Move when you take your action. If you don't take any actions on your turn, Skirmish will have no benefit that turn.

Quicken Monster gives the target 2 turns of Exhaust.pngExhaust, preventing them from being quickened for 2 turns.

Tag Team will cause only the new monster to gain AP at the end of the encounter. The unit that was swapped out will not receive any AP.

Tame cannot tame Boss Monsters, nor can it tame Aeoths, Cadavers, Harvesters, Malcubi, Archafflictors, or Bandit Kawas.

Mastery Bonus[]

HP+5, MP+5, MND+2