Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki
Specialty Savagery
Starting Ability Bite
Passive #1 Focused Rage
Passive #2 Knowing Weakness II
Counter Cripple
Movement Move.pngMove: 5 Jump.pngJump: 6 Swim.pngSwim
Equipment Dagger, Sword, Light Armor
4 Mercenary,
Badge:Lunar Crest
Non-Story Character.


Feral warriors who channel their primal inner beast during combat. Their ferocity is unmatched.


6.5 1.5 5.5 2.75 3.0 3.5 1.1



Name AP MP Range Area Shape Type Vs.
Bite 0 6 1, Vert. 3 Single Ability.pngSkill Def
Deals 1x Physical.pngPhysical (ATK) damage to the target and has a 62% chance of inflicting Poison.pngPoison.
Leap 175 8 1-3, Vert. 6 3, Vert. 2 Cross Ability.pngSkill Def
Character displaces themselves to the target location (cannot be water tile) and deals 0.75x Physical.pngPhysical (ATK) damage to the targets in a small area around them. Cannot be used if there are no targets in the area.
Regenerate 175 0 Single Ability.pngSkill
Grants Renew.pngRenew to the target and removes Poison.pngPoison, Bleed.pngBleed, Blind.pngBlind, Root.pngRoot, Mute.pngMute, Weaken.pngWeaken. A unit with Renew will regain some HP every turn.
Cripple 200 Counter.pngCounter
Counters any offensive action taken on the character by inflicting the offender with Cripple.pngCripple.
Fetid Breath 10 1, Vert. 3 2, Vert. 2 Cone Ability.pngSpell Res
Deals 0.95x Magic (MND) damage in a cone and has a chance of inflicting Weaken.pngWeaken.
Focused Rage 225 Passive.pngPassive
Regular Attacks use all current MP to inflict more damage (0.025x bonus per 1 MP used).
Cunning Slash 250 8 1, Vert. 4 Single Ability.pngSkill Def
Deals 0.75x Physical.pngPhysical (ATK) damage to the target with 100% accuracy (cannot miss). It bypasses all Counter Abilities.
Howl 300 10 Self 5, Vert. 3 Cross Status Res
Deals 1x Magical (MND) damage in a large area around the character and has a chance of inflicting Root.pngRoot.
Know Weakness II 350 Passive.pngPassive
Increases the character's chances of landing a Critical Hit by 25%. (Stacks with Know Weakness.)
Blood Trophy 350 18 Weapon Single Ability.pngSkill Def
Deals 1.8x Physical.pngPhysical (ATK) damage to the target. If the target is defeated by this Ability, it cannot be raised for the rest of the encounter. On the killing blow, Rebirth.pngRebirth will be ignored.

Mastery Bonus[]

HP+10, ATK+5, Crit.pngCrit+2


Focused Rage opens a menu that allows a regular attack or any ability that functions as a Regular Attack (for example, Magic Bullet) to be selected. If you are dual wielding, only the first weapon swing will get the damage bonus.

Unlocked By[]

In addition to class requirements, a Badge:Lunar Crest must be used.