Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki
Specialty Holy Justice
Starting Ability Holy Chant
Passive #1 Defence Expert
Passive #2 Resilience
Counter Evade Attack
Movement Move.pngMove: 4 Jump.pngJump: 4
Equipment Scythe, Sword, Mace, Heavy Armor, Shield
Knight 4

These noble and valiant champions fight to erase corruption from the land. They would sacrifice themselves without hesitation in the name of a greater cause.


7.0 2.0 4.5 3.5 3.5 4.5 0.88


Holy Justice[]

Name AP MP Range Area Shape Type Vs.
Holy Chant 0 8 Self 3, Vert 2 Square Ability.pngSpell Res
Deals 0.75x Holy.pngHoly (ATK+MND) damage in a small area around the character.
Resilience 150 Passive.pngPassive
Any debuffs applied to the charcter will last 1 less turn.
Soothing Chant 150 8 Self 3, Vert 2 Cross Ability.pngSpell None
Restores 0.65x (ATK+MND) HP to the character and all adjacent targets.
Defense Expert 200 Passive.pngPassive
Increases the character's base DEF by 32+1.5*Level.
Cleansing Blade 200 8 1, Vert 4 Single Ability.pngSkill Res
Deals 0.5x Magical (ATK) damage to the target and dispels all buffs. Deals 0.35x increased damage for each buff dispelled.
Evade Attack 250 Counter.pngCounter
Character always evades any Regular Attack
Siphon 200 0 1-2, Vert 4 Single Ability.pngSkill Res
Deals 0.75x Magical (ATK+MND) damage to the target and does 0.33x of that amount as MP damage that is absorbed. (The MP damage is maxed at 25.)
Emboldening Chant 200 0 Self 3, Vert 2 Cross Ability.pngSpell None
Grants AtkUp.pngATK Up to the character and all adjacent targets.
Rapturous Chant 300 0 Self All Allies Ability.pngSkill None
Sacrifices the character's life to heal and remove all debuffs from all allies. The character will not suffer an Injury from this.
Righteous Blade 350 24 1, Vert 4 Single Ability.pngSkill Def
Deals 2.8x Holy.pngHoly (ATK) damage to the target.

Mastery Bonus[]

DEF+5, RES+5, Holy.png+5


Evade Attack works on any ability that performs or is otherwise treated as a Regular Attack even if they are Skills. This means Evade Attack protects against Infused Edge, Arterial Cut, Chaos Slice, and similar abilities.

Siphon does not bonus from side or back facing bonuses to damage.

Resilience will not reduce the duration of Exhaust.pngExhaust.

Required For[]


Early in development, the Templar class used to be called "Blademaster." This can be seen in the game files, where the code for Templar is "BLAD." ("TEMP" meanwhile, belongs to the Duelist, which used to be "Tempest")