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Sylvan Kawa.png
Nature Healing
Passive 1
Healing Touch
Passive 2
Life Font
Monster 5
Complete Mission "Who Haunts These Woods?"

Natural extracts have empowered these woodland Monsters with potent healing powers.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Name AP MP Range Area Shape Type Vs
Variant Body 0 Variant
Grants +7.5% MP/MND when this is the primary variant.
Healing Touch 175 Passive.pngPassive
Using a Regular Attack on an ally heals them instead of dealing damage and grants Renew.pngRenew.
Mass Heal I 200 12 0-3, Vert. 16 3, Vert. 2 Cross Ability.pngSpell None
Restores 1x (MND) HP in a small area.
Salve Sprout 200 6 0-7, Vert. 10 Single Ability.pngSpell None
Restores 0.5x (MND) HP to the target. The caster's next turn comes 33% sooner.
Life Font 175 Passive.pngPassive
Character recovers 4 + Level/4 HP per step taken.
Renew 200 Counter.pngCounter
Grants Renew.pngRenew to the character after being targeted by any damaging offensive ability.

Mastery Bonus[edit | edit source]

MP+7, MND+8, RES+6, Holy.png+3

Required For[edit | edit source]

Mystic requires 3 levels of Sylvan as well as 4 levels of Guard

Thorned requires 3 levels of Sylvan as well as 3 levels of Guard and a Thorn Serum.