Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki

Story Characters are unique playable characters in Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark.


Story characters have a few major differences when compared to generic recruits:

  • They cannot ever be dismissed
  • They cannot have their name or appearance customized in the Guild
  • They cannot access Badge Classes
  • They have a unique class that only they can use
  • Other than Bzaro, they have bonus stats that give them a slight stats advantage

For story characters who are recruited as part of their unique class, they are treated similar to guild recruits: they are assumed as if they leveled up exclusively in their unique class past level 1, and get their unique class's level 1 bases. (See base stats.)

Bzaro in particular has further exceptions:

  • He can access every Bzil class, but cannot use any other class
  • His stats automatically adjust based on what his primary class is
  • Bzaro unlocks new classes by deploying in battle against monsters

Story Characters[]

The following Story Characters can be recruited to your team.

Character Unique Class Where Recruited
Kyrie Marked Start of game
Anadine Demon Knight Start of game
Reiner Spymaster Start of game
Yates Anatomist Yates's Cabin
Bzaro All Bzil Classes Restful Stones (optional)
Katja Bounty Hunter Strangled Cove
Kairu The Exiled Lodestarhenge (optional)