Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki

Completing Story missions will have several effects:

  • Increase the quality of enemy items
  • Change the level range of Patrol maps

Internally, this progression is tracked by your Scene (shown when viewing your save files). Roughly every story battle/event increases this number by 1.

Enemy Item Quality[]

Tier corresponds to the tier XML attribute in Accessories.xml, Armors.xml, and Weapons.xml. The table below uses Swords as an example.

Scene # Enemy item tier Example Sword
0 Tier 1 Shortsword
4 Tier 2 Longsword
11 Tier 3 Silver Sword
17 Tier 4 Toothed Sword
23 Tier 5 Teorite Sword
31 Tier 6 Icebrand
36 Tier 7 Ebony Sword
41 Tier 8 Dendrite Sword
48 Tier 9 Singing Sword

For example, tier 1 gear is used from Scene 0 to 4.

Tier 9 is the last purchasable tier. Some items in the xml files are marked as tier '999', which means 'non-purchasable'. For example, Phoenix Band, despite the fact you can get multiple of them. There is also a tier '1000', which are items that enemies can't spawn with even if unique items are enabled. For example, the Soul Eater.

In several cases the scene which corresponds to an enemy tier increase is not a shop. This means enemies have access to a new gear tier, but the player has not yet been able to purchase it. You can get the new tier of gear from random drops, but can't yet buy it en masse.


The story is internally split into chapters. Patrols use the chapter number as a gating system when generating enemies (max levels, etc). Roughly speaking, each sealed temple visited unlocks the next chapter.

Scene # Chapter
11 Chapter 0
20 Chapter 1
31 Chapter 2
40 Chapter 3
44 Chapter 4
47 Chapter 5
999 Chapter 6 (After ending information is revealed)

For example, Chapter 0 will last until Scene 11, inclusively.

Default Level Range[]

Default level range when not otherwise specified

Chapter # Level (min) Level (max)
0 1 12
1 8 19
2 15 25
3 21 37
4 32 40
5 37 50
6 42 99