Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark takes place after newfound order in a destroyed and chaotic world. Order was established by the Immortals, who formed a Council as a world governing body to enforce peace and stability and prevent war.

The Immortals use their Arbiters, mortal agents, to guard over the land and people against day-to-day dangers like bandits, monsters, and corrupt officials.

Fell Seal follows one specific Arbiter who uncovers internal corruption and seeks to prevent it from completely destabilizing the system and world.

Story Encounters[]

The story of Fell Seal is progressed linearly by completing Story Encounters - one-time encounters faced by Kyrie and her squad in various Locations throughout Teora. Throughout most of the game, Kyrie's main objective is completed the Marked Pilgrimage, requiring her to visit 5 temples across Teora and interact with the relics inside. The page will split up the game by chapters that correspond to reaching each of the temples.

Spoiler Warning: The Notes column contains information on when party members join or leave the party and references boss battles. If you want an entirely spoiler-free experience, it is recommended not to read this page.

Chapter 1[]

This story begins with the start of the Marked Pilgrimage, and Kyrie's reluctant involvement due to her pursuit of Lord Alphonse. This first chapter ends with her arrival at the first temple in the Highlands.

Encounter # Location Level Range Notes
1 Gelligh 1-1 Tutorial
2 The Crossroads 1-2
3 Timber Road 2-4
4 Alpine Woods 2-5
5 Gyaum Tor 3-6 Marked unlocked for Kyrie
6 The Highlands 3-7 Bzaro joins as Guest
7 Scarred Summit 5-8
8 Highlands Temple 6-9 Boss battle vs Alphonse
Bzaro and Anadine leave party
Kyrie gains small stat boost

Chapter 2[]

Kyrie encounters the necromancer Yates and bounty hunter Katja as well as the mysterious organization Sigil trying to disrupt the Marked Pilgrimage. This chapter ends when Kyrie reaches the second temple in the Thespeiran Jungle.

Encounter # Location Level Range Notes
9 Yates's Cabin 6-10
10 The Resting Giants 7-11
11 Yates's Cabin 7-12 First battle vs Katja
Anadine rejoins with Demon Knight unlocked
Yates joins the party
12 Azure Fields 8-13 Introduction to Bandit Kawas
13 Banyan Span 9-14 First battle vs Mercier
14 Ekhidna Falls 10-15
15 Jungle Temple 11-16 Kyrie gains small stat boost

Chapter 3[]

Kyrie continues the Pilgrimage to the Bzil lands where the third temple resides. She eventually comes face-to-face with Raife, the enigmatic leader of Sigil.

Encounter # Location Level Range Notes
16 Thespeiros 11-17
17 Caravan Trail 12-17 Introduction to Zotzits
18 Oldebzar 13-17 Second battle vs Mercier
19 Iirzk'tara Gorge 14-18
20 Zzakander Spires 14-18 Second battle vs Katja
21 Occul Cavern 15-19
22 Occul Riverbed 15-20 Boss battle vs Earthwyrm Queen
23 Occul Cavern 16-19
24 Baaz Island 17-21
25 Desert Temple 18-22 Kyrie gains small stat boost

Chapter 4[]

Kyrie fights her way to the Kawalands where the fourth temple is located. She begins to uncover a sinister plot within the ranks of the Immortals.

Encounter # Location Level Range Notes
26 Phougamouth Bogs 19-23
27 Strangled Cove 20-25 Katja joins the party
28 Drakesmouth Seaway 21-26
29 Gelligh 22-27 Boss battle vs Septimus
30 Bardvig Aqueduct 23-28
31 Kapawka Jungle 25-29
32 Godstear Wastes 25-30
33 Devilsblood Ascent 27-32
34 Mountain Temple 26-34
35 Mountain Temple 26-34 Boss battle vs Raife and Grim Eye
Kyrie learns Penumbral Mastery passive

Chapter 5[]

Kyrie must rush back to Illuster, the city where her journey began and location of the final temple. To get there, she must fight her way through demons and warring Immortals.

Encounter # Location Level Range Notes
36 The Crossroads 30-36
37 Illuster 31-38
38 Cataracta Citadel 32-39 Boss battle vs Secunda and Septimus
39 Immortal Council Chambers 33-41 Second battle vs Raife
40 Immortal Council Chambers 33-41 Boss battle vs Primus

Chapter 6[]

The Maw has been unleashed on Teora and it falls to Kyrie and her Arbiters to seal the beast for good.

Encounter # Location Level Range Notes
41 Gelligh 34-42
42 Gelligh Foothills 35-43
43 Mount Nervanzer 36-45 Final battle vs Raife
44 Nervanzer Wellspring 38-47
45 Teratoma 38-55 Boss battle vs The Maw
46 The Void 39-60 Second ending only
Final battle vs The Maw

Side Encounters[]

The following optional story encounters can also be fought, but they are not required to complete the game.

Encounter Location Level Range Notes
First Tourney Centina 13-19 3 part battle
Second Tourney Centina 38-50 4 part battle
Graveyard Ambush Restful Stones 15-19 Final battle vs Mercier and Dolman
Bzaro joins the party
Ghost Hunting Alpine Woods 15-25 Boss battle vs Lady Anquine
Unlock Spymaster for Reiner
Rescue Somier Caravan Trail 17-21 Bzaro must be recruited
Halloween Encounter Restful Stones 23-99 Unlocks Halloween-themed customization options
Demon Ambush Lodestarhenge 32-42 Kairu joins the party
Requires 4 Henge Fragments
Morgaine Thespeiros N/A Mirror battle vs Kyrie, Reiner, and Anadine
Ancient Path 1 Claret Woods 40-50 Part of Ancient Path postgame dungeon
Ancient Path 2 Screwworm Swamp 40-55 Part of Ancient Path postgame dungeon
Ancient Path 3 Decaying Depths 42-60 Part of Ancient Path postgame dungeon
Ancient Path 4 Fetid Depths 44-65 Part of Ancient Path postgame dungeon
Ancient Path 5 Infernal Depths 44-68 Part of Ancient Path postgame dungeon
Ancient Path 6 The Gauntlet 46-70 Part of Ancient Path postgame dungeon
Ancient Path Finale Ancient Tomb 48-99 Boss battle vs Quarta
Unlock Mummified for Bzaro