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Specialty Brutality
Starting Ability Primal Cry
Passive #1 Bloodlust
Passive #2 Into the Fray
Counter Critical:Rebirth
Movement Move.pngMove: 4 Jump.pngJump: 4 Swim.pngSwim
Equipment Maul, Axe, Light Armor
Templar 5
Scoundrel 4

These wild warriors charge recklessly into battle. Their Brutality is unmatched.

Growth[edit | edit source]

8.0 1.0 5.5 2.75 2.5 2.75 0.83

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Bloodlust[edit | edit source]

Name AP MP Range Area Shape Type Vs.
Primal Cry 0 0 1, Vert 2 3, Vert 2 Lateral Line Ability.pngSkill Def
Deals 0.6x Physical.pngPhysical (ATK) damage in a small area and has a 50% chance of inflicting DefDown.pngDEF Down.
Whirling Blow 150 0 Self 3, Vert 2 Cross Ability.pngSkill Def
Deals 0.95x Physical.pngPhysical (ATK) damage in a small area around the character.
Into the Fray 150 Passive.pngPassive
Damage/healing dealt increase by 0.125x to 0.85x for every adjacent enemy. More adjacent enemies means a higher increase.
Spread Pain 200 10 1-2. Vert 4 Single Ability.pngSpell Res
Deals 1x Magical (MND) damage and transfers all of the character's debuffs to the target.
Primal Blow 225 6 1-4, Vert. 6 Single Ability.pngSkill Def
Deals 0.9x Physical.pngPhysical (ATK) damage to the target from a distance.
Bloodlust 220 Passive.pngPassive
Damage dealt increases the lower the character's current HP is.
Reckless Blow 250 0 1, Vert 3 Single Ability.pngSkill Def
Deals 1.5x Physical.pngPhysical (ATK) damage to the target, but also damages the character by 1/4 of the damage dealt.
Desperate Blow 250 16 1, Vert 3 Single Ability.pngSkill None
Deals as much damage as the character is missing HP.
Primal Wave 275 8 1-3, Vert 4 3, Vert. 2 Cross Ability.pngSkill Def
Deals 0.8x Physical.pngPhysical (ATK) damage in a small area.
Critical: Rebirth 250 Counter.pngCounter
Grants Rebirth.pngRebirth to the character when HP is Critical after taking damage. A character with Rebirth will automatically come back to life after falling in combat.

Mastery Bonus[edit | edit source]

HP+6, ATK+5, Crit.pngCrit+2

Required For[edit | edit source]