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Raife is the enigmatic leader of Sigil and Marked candidate for the Pilgrimage. His true name is Clyde - a former Arbiter Captain who vanished after his parter Sylvia went missing.

Starting Class
Unique Class

Mountain Temple Encounter[edit | edit source]

Raife is first fought in the Mountain Temple story encounter. In this fight, he is a Marked/Warmage with every skill unlocked from Warmage, and all non-holy skills unlocked from Marked. His passives are Execute, Avenger , Economy, and Cleave with Absorb Mana as his counter. He has an Enhancer as his weapon, and also has Darksilk Robe, Arbiter Helm, Arbiter Shield, Ruby Earring, and Hover Boots equipped.

His passives make him an offensive powerhouse with the ability to deal massive amounts of damage using Infused Edge + Elemental Bursts. Cleave grants him the ability to take a turn whenever he scores a kill, so it's important not to leave vulnerable units near him if it can be avoided. His equipment gives him immunity to most Debuffs and the Hover Boots prevent quick kills from lava.

Immortal Council Chambers Encounter[edit | edit source]

In the first story encounter in Immortal Council Chambers, Raife is fought as a Marked/Wizard and the same equipment as in the previous encounter. His Absorb Mana counter is replaced with Slow. After defeating him, he will be a temporary ally in the following story encounter, fully controllable by the player. He is not essential, so the encounter will continue even if he dies.

Mount Nervanzer Encounter[edit | edit source]

The third and final time you encounter Raife is on the Mount Nervanzer map. He is once again a Marked/Warmage, but will have access to every Marked ability, including the holy ones.