Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki
Specialty Regality
Starting Ability Holy I
Passive #1 Double Cast II
Passive #2 Equip all
Counter Total Shield
Movement Move.pngMove: 4 Jump.pngJump: 4 Swim.pngSwim
Equipment Rapier, Rod, Staff, Robe
7 Mender
Badge:Princess Crest
Female Non-Story Character

Class Description[]

Ordained with the right to rule, the noble Princess draws upon great holy and restorative power for her spells


5.0 6.0 3.0 2.75 5.75 4.75 1.03



Name AP MP Range Area Shape Type Vs.
Holy I 8 0-3, Vert. 10 3, Vert. 2 Cross Ability.pngSpell Res
Deals 1x Holy.pngHoly (MND) damage in a small area.
Revive I 175 14 1-3, Vert. 4 Single Ability.pngSpell None
Revives an ally on the given title and restores 25% HP.
Total Shield 150 Counter.pngCounter
Grants DefUp.pngDEF Up, ResUp.pngRES Up to the character after being targeted by any damaging offensive action.
Heal II 200 12 0-5, Vert. 18 Single Ability.pngSpell None
Reastores 1.75x (MND) HP to the target.
Holy II 250 14 0-3, Vert. 14 3, Vert. 4 Cross Ability.pngSpell Res
Deals 1.5x Holy.pngHoly (MND) damage in a small area.
Holy Locus 300 18 0-4, Vert. 18 Single Ability.pngSpell Res
Deals 2x Holy.pngHoly (MND) damage to the target.
Quicken 300 14 1-3, Vert. 6 Single Ability.pngSpell None
Grants the target an immediate turn.
Mass Heal II 250 20 0-3, Vert. 18 3, Vert. 2 Cross Ability.pngSpell None
Restores 1.5x (MND) HP in a small area.
Equip All 300 Passive.pngPassive
Character is proficient with all weapons and armors and can equip any of them.
Double Cast II 600 Passive.pngPassive
Allows the character to cast two Spells during their turn.

Ability Interactions[]

When using Double Cast, you can move before or after using both spells, but not in-between. EXP gained is reduced by 50% for each action.

Quicken will inflict 2 rounds of Exhaust.pngExhaust on the target, preventing them from getting further extra turns.

Mastery Bonus[]

ATK/MND/DEF/RES+5, Holy.png+5

Unlocked By[]

In addition to class requirements, a Badge:Princess Crest must be used.