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This is a list of passive abilities in the game. The data is up to date as of patch 1.0.2.

Each character can have a total of 4 passives. 2 passives are automatically set from the character's current class, as long as they have spent the AP to unlock that passive ability. The remaining 2 can be selected from any passive the character has learned, regardless of their class.

Base Classes[edit | edit source]

Passive abilities that can be gained from the 20 base human classes.

Name Class Description
Health Expert Mercenary, Tangrel Increases the character's base maximum HP by 25%.
Sturdy Grip Mercenary Allows the character to hold a melee two-handed weapon in one hand as well as wield a Shield regardless of current Class.
No Flank Knight All attacks targeting this character are considered to be from the front.
Life Font Knight Character recovers 4 + Level/4 HP with each step taken.
Resilience Templar Any debuffs applied to the character will last 1 less turn.
Defense Expert Templar Increases the character's base DEF value by 32 + 1.5*Level.
Leech Life Duelist Character's Regular Attacks absorb some of the damage dealt.
Blood Mark Duelist, Harvester Character gains stacking 0.2x damage bonus from each time they attack the same target they did last turn. Bonus reset upon changing target.
Into the Fray Reaver, Blardger Damage dealt increases by 0.125x to 0.85x for every adjacent enemy. More adjacent enemies means a higher increase.
Bloodlust Reaver, Bzzerk Damage dealt increases the lower the character's current HP is.
Cautious Step Assassin Character is immune to traps as well as to Root.pngRoot, Slow.pngSlow.
Dual Wield Assassin Character can equip two weapons or two shields at the same time. When using Skills, the attack granted by the 2nd weapon will not apply.
Know Weakness Ranger, Blardger Increases the character's chances of landing a Critical Hit by 25%.
Evasion Up Ranger, Zotzit Increases the character's EVA value by 13%.
Attack Expert Scoundrel Increases the character's ATK value by 24 + 1*Level.
Exploit Weakness Scoundrel Increases Critical Hit damage by 50%.
Concentration Gunner, Mummified Increases the character's accuracy by 20% when taking any offensive action (does not apply to Steal Abilities).
Height Advantage Gunner Increases damage done by 0.04x for each height value the character has over the target (max .4x damage).
Item Potency Peddler When using an item, it will double the normal potency.
Quick Fingers Peddler, Kawa Situational commands (such as Open, Gather, Climb, Activate, etc.) do not cost an action to use.
Blessed One Mender, Niwot Every time the character uses a single target healing Ability on a target other than themselves, they are healed for 0.5x of the amount.
Mana Font Mender, Daodrenner Character recovers 1 MP with each step taken.
Side Effects Alchemystic Using an Ability or Regular Attack to successfully apply a buff also restores .3x HP to the target, and a debuff also applies .25x HP damage to the target.
Resistance Expert Alchemystic Increases the character's base RES value by 24 + 1.5*Level.
Eruptor Sorcerer, Helhund Any turn the character does not deal damage, they build a 0.18x bonus to their damage (up to 0.72x). The bonus is used up upon dealing damage.
Economy Sorcerer, Archafflictor All Abilities with MP cost have that cost reduced by 1/3.
Fortitude Plague Doctor, Vangal Character is immune to Injuries as well as Poison.pngPoison, Bleed.pngBleed, and Weaken.pngWeaken.
Permanence Plague Doctor When the character successfully applies a buff or debuff to the target, it will last 1 more turn than normal.
Smart Casting Wizard, Bulldrake Offensive multi-target Abilities will not include allies as possible targets and helpful multi-target Abilities will not include enemies as possible targets.
Boon Wizard, Arpia Upon felling an enemy, the character will be guaranteed Critical Hit on their next action. Boon will wear off at the end of the next turn even if it wasn't used.
Mind Expert Druid Increases the character's base MND value by 14 + Level*1.
Double Cast Druid Allows the character to cast two Spells during their turn, but at 75% power each.
Versatile Fellblade, Niwot Allows the character's Skills and Spells to inflict Critical Hits, and when the character lands a Critical Hit, they regain a portion of their maximum MP.
Malice Fellblade, Malcubus Increases the accuracy of inflicting debuff by 10%.
Leech Mana Warmage Character's Regular Attack converts some of the damage dealt into MP.
Elemental Mastery Warmage, Pektite The character ignores part of the target's resistance when dealing damage of the Fire, Water, Earth, or Thunder type.
Initiative Gambler Character gains a free turn at the very start of combat.
Lucky Gambler Character has that extra bit of luck that'll help them succeed in various things during combat.
Perfect Focus Gadgeteer, Therva Character deals .32x increased damage/healing with full HP.
Mana Expert Gadgeteer Character starts combat with 15 MP instead of 0.

Special Classes[edit | edit source]

This list contains all passives from character-specific classes and badge classes, as well as passives unique to monster classes.

Name Class Description
Know Weakness II Werewolf, Bounty Hunter Increases the character's chance of landing a Critical Hit by 25%. (Stacks with Know Weakness).
Focused Rage Werewolf, Demon Knight, Therva Regular Attacks use all current MP to increase damage dealt by the attack (2.5% bonus per 1 MP).
Execute Vampire, Marked, Rakkerjak Damage from offensive Abilities is increased by .45x when the target's HP is below half.
Bat Form Vampire Character transforms into a swarm of bats when moving.
Chilling Touch Lich, The Exiled, Cadaver Character's offensive actions have a chance to inflict Slow.pngSlow on the target.
Blood Magic Lich Character uses HP instead of MP when using Abilities. (2% of maximum HP is used for each point of MP)
Hallowed Mind Vessel Character gains a bonus to damage the next turn after using a Regular Attack (.35x for a ranged attack, .45x for a melee attack).
Hallowed Body Vessel, The Exiled, Ercinee Increases ATK by 20% of MND and MND by 20% of ATK.
Equip All Princess, Lord, Spymaster Character is proficient will all weapons and armor and can equip all of them.
Double Cast II Princess Allows the character to cast two Spells during their turn.
Cleave Lord, Demon Knight, Harvester Character gets another turn after felling an enemy (once per natural turn). MP gained on the extra turn is 0. Does not trigger if the target has Rebirth.pngRebirth.
Avenger Marked Character gains .2x bonus damage and .125x damage reduction for each fallen ally (up to 3 stacks).
Penumbral Mastery Kyrie, Yates The character ignores part of the target's resistance when dealing damage of the Dark.pngDark or Holy.pngHoly type.
Shadowstep Spymaster Character instantly crosses the distance between 2 points by stepping into the shadows.
Pain Points Anatomist Damage from offensive Abilities is increased by .45x when the target's HP is below half.
Legendary Healer Anatomist Healing is increased by .45x.
Impetus Bounty Hunter, Helhund SPD increases by .05x each turn, up to .3x.
Stampede Bzzerk, Kairu Damage increases by .1x for each step moved by the character this turn.
Somniloquy Bulldrake At the start of their turn, if the character is asleep, they will deal .65x to .95x (ATK) damage of a random element between Fire, Water, Earth, or Thunder to all enemies on the map, based on proximity.
Auto-Renew Daodrenner Character has a permanent Renew.pngRenew effect.
Switcheroo Kawa Upon defeating an enemy, a Kawa will join the battle (only once per character turn, and only on solid ground).
Submariner Rakkerjak Damage is increased, rather than decreased, while in Water. Grants the ability to swim.
Deep Wounds Vangal Character's offensive actions have a chance to inflict Bleed.pngBleed on the target.
Shifting Target Zotzit EVA increases by 3 each turn, up to 18 total.
Arcane Engine Cadaver HP/MP restored beyond maximum is converted to the other type (MP/HP)
Opportunist Arpia Character deals .2x bonus damage for each debuff on the target.
Amorphous Pektite All attacks targeting this character are considered to be from the front.
Plague Bearer Archafflictor When using a Regular Attack transfers any debuffs the character is afflicted with to the target.
Mana Burn Malcubus Dealing damage also deals .1x damage as MP damage to the target.
Auto-Rebirth Ercinee Character has a permanent Rebirth.pngRebirth effect (only once per battle).
Sunder Tangrel Character's offensive actions have a chance to inflict DefDown.pngDEF Down on the target.
Deathfeeder Mummified Character gains .05x bonus to ATK, DEF, MND, and RES per character that died this battle (max .3x bonus).

Extra explanation[edit | edit source]

Leech Life leeches 33% of the damage dealt.

Leech Mana recovers 10% MP from the damage dealt to a maximum of 15MP.

Dual Wield does not add ATK stats together when the character makes a regular attack. Instead, the character attacks once per each weapon, each time counting as if the other weapon is not equipped.

Versatile recovers 5% of max MP when landing a critical hit (minimum 5, maximum 15). Despite the description, it works on Ability.pngSpecial abilities in addition to Skills and Spells.

Lucky increases accuracy, crit chance, EVA, and Steal chance by 5% each. Also increases the likelihood of beneficial outcomes for Wildcards.

Double Cast and Double Cast II reduce Exp earned for each action by 50%.

Boon will not trigger if the target was revived from Rebirth.pngRebirth. The buff Boon.pngBoon allows Skills, Spells, and Special abilities to crit, even if the character doesn't have Versatile.

Elemental Mastery does not reduce the target's elemental resistance if it is over 100. If the target has between 0 and 100 resistance, it will lose 50. If the target has less than 0 resistance, it will lose 25. Resistance cannot be brought lower than -150. Penumbral Mastery is the same for Dark and Holy resistance.

Bloodlust provides a maximum of .8x increased damage at the lowest level of HP.

Side Effects healing and damage is added onto the base scaling of the ability/attack. If the ability has no scaling (such as the Alchemystic's Haste spell, which just applies Haste to the target), the healing/damage from Side Effects will be based on the character's MND stat. The healing/damage does not change based on the number of buffs/debuffs applied. The damage from Side Effects cannot kill a target, only bring it to 1 HP.

Into the Fray increases damage by .125x with one adjacent enemy, .32x with 2 adjacent enemies, .55x with 3 adjacent enemies, and .85x with 4 adjacent enemies.

Blood Mark cannot exceed .8x bonus damage.

Hallowed Body and Health Expert use base stats for calculating their bonus. They won't include the Atk/Mnd/HP gained from equipment and other Passives.

Chilling Touch, Deep Wounds, and Sunder have reduced odds of inflicting their debuff for each target of an ability. The odds to inflict a status effect are 150%/(n+1), where n is the number of targets. As such 1 target has a 75% chance of inflicting the debuff, 2 targets has a 50% chance, and so on. When paired with Malice, the odds of at least one target being inflicted with the debuff increases by 10% instead of each individual target having a +10% chance of being inflicted with that debuff.

Stampede cannot provide more than a .6x bonus.

Arcane Engine results in 10% of overflow HP being converted into MP.

Execute and Pain Points affect the damage of both Regular Attacks and Abilities, despite the description.

Bat Form and Shadowstep effectively give the unit flight, allowing height and obstacles to be ignored when moving.

Submariner grants a .1x bonus to damage while submerged instead of the .1x penalty which is usually applied.

Focused Rage gives the unit a command to active it, and can be combined with any ability that functions as a Regular Attack. The units MP will not automatically be spent when making a Regular Attack.