Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki

There are eight Obelisk Clues scattered throughout the game world. Each is a piece of a larger puzzle.

Step 1: Gather Clues[]

These clues can be obtained in any order, but all must be gathered to move on to the next step.

Clue # Map Coordinates Requirements
1 Scarred Summit (2, 10)
2 Azure Fields (7, 16)
3 Ekhinda Falls (4, 15) Requires Fly.pngFly or 25+ Jump.pngJump
4 Baaz Island (2, 13)
5 Kapawka Jungle (16, 8)
6 Gogombob City (12, 15)
7 Devilsblood Ascent (6, 4) Requires Hover.pngHover
8 Gelligh Foothills (1, 8)

Step 2: Get Loot[]

The obelisk clues, if examined in key items, are simply written in reverse. Deciphering the clues reveals the following text:

"To those seeking access to the treasures of our old clan, make your way to the site of our most glorious and fated battle. 13 days it lasted and a mighty struggle it was, leaving the fields barren and sulfurous. Once the trip made, take your feet to the twin coordinates therein. Use our treasure wisely, that no 13 others have to suffer our fate."

Go to Godstear Wastes. Have a unit stand on coordinates (13,13) and they will have a special prompt to get the treasure. Keep in mind you must gather all 8 Obelisk Clues first - the prompt will not be available otherwise.

Rewards Cap of Ages, Phoenix Band, Reaper, Dormant Crystal, Coronal Plume, Dark Core, and Adamant Ingot.