Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki

A character's movement information can be seen at the bottom of their character tile. Move.pngMove represents how many spaces a character can move on their turn, while Jump.pngJump represents the maximum vertical distance that character can traverse from one space to another. A higher Jump score also reduces damage a unit takes from falling (such as if they are knocked off a cliff from Forceful Strike).

Push (Forced Movement)[]

Certain abilities can push a character: Forceful Strike, Vicious Push, Boomerang Bounce, and Springger.

This can have the following additional effects:

  • If a unit pushed into a wall or object, they will take additional damage.
  • If a unit is pushed into another unit, the target will take additional damage, and the unit being pushed into will take some damage.
  • If a unit is pushed off a surface, they will take extra damage if the fall distance is greater than their Jump.pngJump * 0.75. The further they fall, the more damage they take.
  • If a unit is pushed into water, see #Water.
  • If a unit is pushed into lava, see #Lava.

Special Movement Types[]

Next to Move and Jump, a character may have additional symbols representing one of three special movement types.


Swim.pngSwim: The character is able to swim, which allows them to move onto water and poisonous water tiles.

While swimming, a character takes 10% more damage, casting healing spells will heal for 10% less health, and deals 10% less damage. With the Submariner passive ability (Rakkerjak monster class), damage dealt is instead increased by 10%.

While swimming, a character can't open Treasure Chests or Gather Components.

Example sources: Flippers, many classes have this built-in


Hover.pngHover (sometimes referred to as 'Float'): The character is hovering above ground, which allows them to hover over any liquid surface, as well as ignore any ground traps.

Example sources: Hover Boots, Bzaro's Pektite, Zotzit, and Archafflictor monster classes


Fly.pngFly: The character is able to displace themselves instantly to their destination, without walking on any tiles in between. This allows them to ignore the heights of tiles, and they won't trigger traps that aren't on the destination itself.

Example sources: Riftwalkers, Shadowstep passive, Bat Form passive, Bzaro's Arpia, Tangrel, Ercinee, and Malcubus monster classes



If a character is placed in water (e.g. being pushed into water by Forceful Strike) without the ability to Swim.pngSwim (or Hover.pngHover), they will be killed. A unit killed this way will not trigger Rebirth.pngRebirth

Poisonous Water[]

In addition to being Water (see above), a character ending their turn on a Poisonous Water tile without the ability to Hover.pngHover will gain the Poison.pngPoison debuff, unless they are immune to poison.


A character without the ability to Hover.pngHover will be killed if knocked into lava. A unit killed this way will not trigger Rebirth.pngRebirth