Mountain Temple

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Story Encounter 1[edit | edit source]

Level range: 26-34

The map begins with root traps on coordinates (14, 7) and (14, 9). It also has a bleed trap at (16,8). The enemy Bzil has the Tangrel class and will always wait in place - if a unit steps on either of the root traps next to it, the Bzil will likely use Tail Flail on its turn to knock them into the lava and instantly kill them. The Ranger, meanwhile, also holds their ground, using the Versatile passive and Absorb MP counter to save up enough MP for a devastating Sniper Shot. One potential strategy is staying back near the deployment zone and waiting for the enemy to come to you. This will leave the enemy ranger and Bzil behind, making it simple to clean up the rest of the enemies.

If you got the Hover Boots from the Bardvig Aqueduct, you give them to an Assassin to instant-kill most enemies on the map. Just hover over a lava space and use Sabotage on any enemies in range to dunk them in the lava.

Rewards Diamond Thread and Clarity Band.

Story Encounter 2[edit | edit source]

Level range: 26-34

The traps from the previous fight are gone, even if they were never triggered. Kyrie must live, and if she goes down, the encounter ends in a failure. Only Kyrie is required to be deployed, but Anadine has some dialogue in combat if brought along.

Grim Eye is possibly the most dangerous enemy combatant, able to inflict Berserk.pngBerserk on multiple units at a time as well restore HP for any damage he deals. With his Blood Magic passive, he may end up hurting himself at the beginning of the Encounter by casting Dark Barrier on his allies, and you may be able to take him out early with a ranged weapon or spell. Raife himself is no slouch either and is a Marked/Warmage that can deal heavy damage with Infused Edge. He has the Cleave passive, allowing him to take an extra turn if he defeats any of your units as well as Avenger, which makes him more powerful the more of his allies you've killed. The Evade Attack reaction can negate most of his offense, but you will still have to deal with Grim Eye and his other allies.

The Sabotage trick will not work on every enemy on this map, as both Grim Eye and Raife, as well as any Archafflictors, will hover over lava.

Rewards Mythical Leather.