Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki

There are a variety of monsters that the player can encounter and battle in Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark.


Monsters are a category of enemies that have their own unique class and never spawn with a subclass. Monsters are never able to wield Weapons or Armor, but can have Accessories equipped just like human enemies. Unlike human enemies, monster generally have innate resistances against various Damage Types, and can also have innate immunities to specific Debuffs. Monsters are not controlled by the player and cannot join your roster or be recruited unless you have the Missions and Monsters DLC.

Monster Tiers[]

The majority of monsters come in 3 different tiers of difficulty. The monster's tier affects its stats and abilities that it has access to, with tier 1 being the weakest, and tier 3 being the strongest. Some monsters also have improved resistance against elemental Damage Types the higher their tier is. Each tier of a monster has a unique name, and a different sprite. A monster's tier also affects how many Essences it drops after a battle. See Monster Classes for more details.

Pektites and Bulldrakes also spawn in 4 different elemental versions, which affects which elements they are strong and vulnerable against, as well as determining the element type of their abilities. Each elemental version also has its own tier, resulting in 12 enemy varieties total for these enemies. The Aeoth has a fire and dark version, but only has a single tier.

Arpias and Kawas also have undead versions, resulting in 6 enemy varieties possible for these enemies. The undead version has different resistances to elemental Damage Types, as well as different Debuff immunities.

Boss Monsters[]

Boss Monsters are unique monsters that are typically only fought in story missions. They often have access to abilities not seen anywhere else.

Bzil Classes[]

Bzaro and enemy Bzil can equip Bzil Classes, which give them the abilities of various monsters. See Bzil Classes for details.

Consumables and Commands[]

Monsters cannot use Consumables, nor use situations commands such as Opening treasure chests or Activating switches, unless they have the Deft variant from Missions and Monsters. If Missions and Monsters is not installed, only the following monsters are able to use consumables:

Taming Monsters[]

If you have the Missions and Monsters DLC, you can recruits monsters into your troop roster. Monsters can be recruited either from Mission rewards, or through the Tame ability from the Wrangler. Recruiting monsters also provides Pet Abilities for the Beastmaster class. With this DLC, monsters can also equip 2 Variants to customize them and provide new abilities.