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Mana Points (or MP) are a resource required to cast various spell and abilities in Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

Gaining MP[edit | edit source]

Unlike many RPGs, characters start with 0 MP at the beginning of battle, which is replenished over time. At the beginning of each character's turn, they will gain 10 MP, up to their maximum MP.

In addition to naturally gaining MP each turn, there are several abilities and effects that can grant additional MP.

Name Source Notes
Physie Vessel Restores 1.3x (MND) HP in a small area around the caster. Also restores 5 MP.
Mana Rock Consumable Recovers 10 MP (20 when upgraded) to a single character.
Forest Flute Niwot Restores 0.5x (MND) HP to the target. 25% of the restored HP is also restored as MP.
Energizer Gadgeteer Recovers 20 MP to a single character.
Mana Expert Gadgeteer Start each battle with 15 MP instead of 0.
Absorb MP Gadgeteer, Therva When character is targeted by an offensive Ability that has an MP cost, they gain the same amount of MP that was used. Only triggers if the offensive Ability would do damage to the target.
Mana Font Mender, Daodrenner Character recovers 1 MP with each step taken.
Arcane Engine Cadaver 10% of HP restored beyond maximum is converted into MP
Leech Mana Warmage Character's Regular Attack converts 10% of the damage dealt into MP (maximum 15 MP).
Versatile Fellblade, Niwot Allows the character's Skills and Spells to inflict Critical Hits, and when the character lands a Critical Hit, they regain 10% of their maximum MP (minimum 5 MP, maximum 15 MP).

While it doesn't directly provide MP, the Economy passive ability from Sorcerer and Archafflictor is notable for reducing the mana cost of all active abilities by 1/3, which can greatly assist with using abilities with a high MP cost.

Draining MP[edit | edit source]

A few abilities are also capable of draining a target's MP, and restoring it to the caster. These abilities cannot drain more MP than the target has, so avoid using these abilities on targets with little to no MP left.

Name Source Notes
Siphon Templar Deals 0.75x Magical (ATK+MND) damage to the target and does 0.33x of that amount as MP damage that is absorbed.
Soul Suck Vampire, Cadaver Deals 0.3x Magical (MND) damage to the target's MP and absorbs the damage dealt as MP. Deals 0.3x more damage if the target is inflicted with Bleed.pngBleed.
Drain Soul Marked Deals 0.45x Magical (MND) damage to the target's MP and absorbs the damage dealt as MP.
Ravenous Soul Mummified Deals 0.75x Magical (MND) damage to the target's HP and MP and absorbs it.

The Mana Burn passive ability from Malcubus is also capable to dealing damage to an opponent's MP, but unlike the above abilities, it will not restore any MP to the caster.