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Kyrie is the protagonist of Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark.

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Starting Class
Unique Class


Kyrie is automatically recruited at the start of the game, as a level 2 Mercenary/Mender with Field Aid unlocked.

After the story encounter in Gyaum Tor, Kyrie will gain access to her unique Marked class.

After the story encounter in Mountain Temple, Kyrie gains access to the Penumbral Mastery Passive ability. She will still need to equip it, just like any other passive ability, in order to benefit from its effects.

Equipment and Stats[]

Kyrie begins the game equipped with an Axe, Buckler, Fur Cap, and Traveler Garb.

Kyrie's bonus stats are +1 ATK, +15 MND, +6 RES, +1 SPD, +8 MP. Her bonus stats increase after completing the story missions in Highlands Temple, Jungle Temple, and the Desert Temple, ending with total bonus stats of +1 ATK, +19 MND, +10 RES, +4 SPD, +8MP. These bonuses are retained if Kyrie's level is reset.

Kyrie Never Falls[]

Unlike every other character, Kyrie cannot suffer from Injuries if she dies in combat. It's still a good idea to keep her alive, because in any story mission Kyrie is deployed in, the entire group will gain a 10% bonus to AP listed as Kyrie Never Falls if she is never killed. Note that if she is killed while under the Rebirth.pngRebirth effect, you still qualify for the bonus.


Kyrie's portrait and sprite will change after unlocking her Marked class.

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