Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki

Story Mission 1[]

Level range: 1-1

Rewards: Snakebite Oil x2

This encounter is essentially the game's tutorial, and very difficult to lose unless you're trying to.

Story Mission 2[]

Level range: 22-27

Reward: Aloe Leaf, Coronal Plume, Diamond Thread

Septimus will join the fight after two enemies are defeated.

  • The fight ends immediately if you defeat Septimus. It's possible to ignore the other enemies and just rush him, depending on the difficulty settings.

There is a choke point at (13, 3) where you can put a tanky character. Squishier characters can then safely be in the water or (13, 2) and (13, 1) and (13, 0).

A good tactic is to take advantage of the fact the enemies start split up. Pick one of the three directions and move all of your characters that way. You can focus on the few enemies in that direction and slow down the enemies in the other two directions. Gunner/Ranger is good for this with their various debuffs.

A Plague Doctor with Recover or a character with Double Cast + Panacea are useful to get rid of debuffs.

If you want to use the Shield of the Six for this fight, make sure to get the Cursed Shield from a Patrol encounter on this map before starting Chapter 3. Once Chapter 3 has started, you must do this story mission before you can do patrols here.

Note that this fight is theoretically skippable - if you decline to do the Restful Stones battle and interfere with Septimus's plans, then he won't ambush you here while on the way to the Mountain Temple.

Story Mission 3[]

Note: this map is referred to as City03 in Encounters.txt.

Level range: 34-42

Rewards Godray and Platinum Thread.


Level range is dependent on which Chapter of the story you are on.

Chapter # Level (min) Level (max)
0 4 8
1 7 13
2 10 18
3 17 28

After Story Mission 3, a new set of level ranges are applied to Patrols on this map.

Chapter # Level (min) Level (max)
4 34 50
5 34 53
6 34 60

Monster Spawns[]

Treasure Chests[]

Main article: Treasure Chests

Coordinates Contents Requirements
(0, 0) Cursed Shield Requires Fly.pngFly and Hover.pngHover (if done before Story Mission 3)
Requires Fly.pngFly or 12+ Jump.pngJump (if done during or after Story Mission 3)
(12, 16) Distilled Water Requires 9+ Jump.pngJump

It's somewhat easier to get to the Cursed Shield if you wait a long time, no longer requiring Hover, but don't expect to unlock the Shield of the Six any time soon if you do so.