Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki
Specialty Lady Luck
Starting Ability Wild Card: Spade
Passive #1 Initiative
Passive #2 Lucky
Counter Fleet of Foot
Movement Move.pngMove: 4 Jump.pngJump: 6 Swim.pngSwim
Equipment Dagger, Spear, Light Armor, Shield
Scoundrel 3
Mender 3

Knowing that even the best-laid plans are subject to the whims of Lady Luck, Gamblers have found ways to manipulate the forces of chance in their favor.


6.5 1.8 4.5 3.5 3.5 3.0 1.2


Lady Luck[]

Name AP MP Range Area Shape Type Vs.
Wild Card: Spade 0 1-4, Vert. 6 Cross Ability.pngSkill None
Usually inflicts a random number of debuffs on a single target (Ignores evasion, but has a small chance of backfiring).
Wild Card: Diamond 150 0 0-4, Vert. 6 Single Ability.pngSkill None
Usually grants a random number of buffs to a single target (ignores evasion, but has a chance of backfiring).
Fleet of Foot 150 Counter.pngCounter
Grants FleetofFoot.pngFleet of Foot to the character and removes Root.pngRoot after being targeted by any damaging offensive action. A Unit with FleetofFoot.pngFleet of Foot will have increased movement of +1.
Wild Card: Club 200 1-4, Vert. 6 Single Ability.pngSkill None
Usually deals a random amount of damage to a single target (Ignores evasion, but has a chance of backfiring).
Wild Card: Heart 200 0 0-4, Vert.6 Single Ability.pngSkill None
Usually restores a random amount of HP to a single target (ignores evasion, but has a chance of backfiring).
Pile On 200 8 0-3, Vert. 6 3, Vert. 2 Cross Ability.pngSpell Res
Refreshes the duration of all debuffs on targets in a small area.
Initiative 150 Passive.pngPassive
Character gains a free turn at the very start of combat.
Lucky 175 Passive.pngPassive
Character has that extra bit of luck that'll help them succeed in various things during combat.
Allure 250 10 1-3, Vert. 4 Single Ability.pngSpell Res
Has a 75% chance of inflicting Charm.pngCharm on the target.
Quicken 350 14 0-3, Vert. 6 Single Ability.pngSpell None
Grants the target an immediate turn.

Mastery Bonus[]

HP+5, EVA+2, Crit.pngCrit+2


Lucky increases the odds of a "super good result" for gambler abilities. It also increases EVA, Crit.pngCrit, Accuracy, and chance to Steal by 5%. Source With Missions and Monsters installed, also increases chance to Tame a monster by 5%.

If multiple units have Initiative, the turn order will be determined by the last-placed unit. Because player units always count as being placed after enemy units, this means enemies with Initiative will always go after players with Initiative. Also keep in mind that a unit's next turn will not come any faster if you don't take an action on the bonus turn from Initiative.

Wild Card: Spade's chance to cause debuffs is unaffected by Malice.

Wild Card: Club and Wild Card: Heart cannot Crit.pngCrit even with Boon.pngBoon or the Versatile passive. Source

Quicken will inflict 2 rounds of Exhaust.pngExhaust on the target, preventing them from getting further extra turns.

Fleet of Foot will not trigger if the buff is already active, even if the attack would inflict Root.pngRoot.