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EarthDrake Kawa.png
Passive 1
Breath Weapon
Passive 2
Hallowed Mind
Mystic 4
Venomous 6
Draconic Serum
Can only have 1 Drake variant

These Monster have inherited the power of ancient dragons. This variant has 4 mutually exclusive elemental versions, the Waterdrake, Firedrake, Thunderdrake, and Earthdrake, each with slight differences.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Name AP MP Range Area Shape Type Vs
Variant Body 0 Variant
Grants 2.5% ATK/DEF/MND/RES when this is the primary variant (see Notes for more details).
Infusion 150 12 Weapon Single Ability.pngSpell Res
Does a Regular Attack to the target and then follows it up with a 0.8x Elemental (MND) spell.
Breath Weapon 200 Passive.pngPassive
Character's weapon now affects a small cone area instead of a single target.
Hallowed Mind 200 Passive.pngPassive
Character gains a bonus to healing/damage the next turn after doing a Regular Attack. Bonus is 45% for melee attacks, 35% for ranged.
Gastric Acid 250 0 1-3, Vert. 6 Single Ability.pngSkill Res
Deals 0.35x Elemental (MND) damage to the target's MP and absorbs the damage dealt as MP.
Pierce 200 Counter.pngCounter
Counters any offensive action taken against the character by afflicting the offender with DefDown.pngDEF Down,ResDown.pngRES Down.

Mastery Bonus[edit | edit source]

ATK+4, MND+4, DEF+4, RES+4, Water.pngFire.pngThunder.pngEarth.png+4

Notes[edit | edit source]

The stat bonuses from Variant Body differ slightly depending on the elemental variant. Waterdrake gives 5% RES instead of 2.5%, Firedrake gives 5% ATK instead of 2.5%, Thunderdrake gives 5% MND instead of 2.5%, and Earthdrake gives 5% DEF instead of 2.5%

The elemental damage dealt by Infusion and Gastric Acid match the elemental version of Drake the character is using.

Infusion will deal the attack and spell damage to all units in the AoE of Breath Weapon.

Images[edit | edit source]