Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark offers a number of difficulty settings to offer an experience tailored to the player's preferences. Difficulty can be changed at any time out of combat in the Troop Menu.

Injury System

This setting determines how characters receive injuries if they die in combat. Characters that are revived in combat still count as receiving an injury, unless they are revived through the Rebirth.pngRebirth buff. Kyrie will not receive injuries regardless of difficulty setting.

Setting Description
None Characters will not receive injuries in combat. Switching to this difficulty setting mid-game will remove any injuries your characters may have accrued.
AP Malus Instead of an injury, characters receive a 20% penalty to AP earned at the end of combat. This stacks for each time they die in the same combat, for a maximum penalty of 60% less AP.
Default Injuries give a 10% penalty to ATK, DEF, MND, and RES. One injury will go away after completing an encounter while the injured character is not deployed. Each character can have a maximum of 5 injuries.
Permanent Injuries give a 5% penalty to a random stat (ATK, DEF, MND, or RES). Injuries are never removed, unless the difficulty setting is changed. Each character can have a maximum of 5 injuries.
Permadeath As permanent injuries, except once a character receives 5 injuries, they can no longer be deployed on missions (unless they are a story character that is forced to deploy in that particular encounter).

Random Numbers

This setting determines how rolls (such as chance to hit or crit) are performed.

Setting Description
Default The game will use random numbers from 1-100 with no weights for both player and enemy rolls.
Weighted The game will favor the player with rolls. For example, after missing, you may receive a slight bonus to hit on your next attack.

Enemy Level Scaling

This setting determines the level range for encounters, including story encounters and patrols. Enemies generally will be of the same level as the average of your 6 highest-leveled units, but will be increased or decreased if they are outside of the encounter's level range. This setting will not adjust the level maximum for patrols in The Crossroads, Alpine Woods, Timber Road, or Gyaum Tor. The Centina Arena also ignores this difficulty setting, and determines enemy level by the levels of the units the player deploys on the map, instead of their highest level units.

Setting Description
Default The default setting.
Max Up The maximum level of a level range is increased by 33%. For example, if an encounter has a level range of 12-24, this would change it to 12-32.
No Max The maximum level for every encounter is 99.

Raw Stats

This setting gives a bonus or penalty to the ATK, DEF, MND, and RES of enemy units. The available options are -25%, -10%, -5%, Default (0%), +5%, +10%, +15%, +25%, +35%, +50%, and +75%.

Added Enemies

This setting determines how many enemies will show up in encounters. Under an enemy's name, you can see "Extra" or "Elite" listed if they were generated by this setting.

Setting Description
Default The default setting.
Extra Most maps will have 1 or 2 additional enemies.
Elite As the Extra setting, but encounters will also have Elite enemies with handcrafted builds. In earlier maps, this setting modifies existing enemies to be more difficult.
In later maps, the Elite enemy is added to the existing pool of enemies.

Enemy Gear

This setting determines how much gear enemies will be generated with.

Setting Description
Less Enemies will usually have 1 less piece of gear than the default.
Default The default setting.
More Enemies will usually have 1 more piece of gear than the default.
Full Enemies will max out all equipment slots when possible.

Enemy Passive/Counter

Setting Description
Less Enemies have a chance to not spawn with passive or counter abilities.
Default Enemies will usually have a full set of passive abilities and counters if they are a high enough level.

Enemies Use Revive

This setting determines how likely enemies are to revive their fallen comrades. This does not influence usage of the Rebirth.pngRebirth buff.

Setting Description
None Enemies will never revive, unless specifically coded to.
Less Enemies will revive, but have a lower chance to do so after each revive action. They have a very small number of maximum revives.
Default Enemies will revive, but have a lower chance to do so after each revive action. They have a moderate number of maximum revives.
More Enemies will revive, but have a lower chance to do so after each revive action. They have a large number of maximum revives.

Enemies Have Items

This setting governs the use of enemy Consumables. Keep in mind, most monsters cannot use items regardless of what setting is used.

Setting Description
None Enemies do not use items, but they still have a stockpile that can be stolen with a Scoundrel.
Default Enemies have a small stockpile of items, typically smaller than the player's.
Many Enemies have about the same access to items as the player

Enemies Use Items

This setting determines the frequency with which enemies use consumables. If the previous setting was set to "None," then this setting is ignored.

Setting Description
Less Enemies are less likely to use items.
Default Enemies are somewhat likely to use items when needed.
More Enemies have no reservation about using their items.
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