Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki

A condition is a positive or negative effect (usually temporary) on a character. Conditions are separated into Buffs, which provide positive effects to the affected character, and Debuffs, which provide negative effects to the affected character. Each buff and debuff has a set number of turns that it lasts, regardless of which ability or attack was used to apply it, although this can be further modified by the Passive abilities Resilience and Permanence.

If a character already has a condition, trying to give them the same condition will automatically fail - conditions do not stack duration like in some other games. Instead, the Spells Refresh and Pile On can be used to refresh the duration of buffs/debuffs on a target.


Below is a list of every buff in the game. Any effect that removes buffs from a target will remove every buff the character has. Some buffs can be permanently granted with specific rare equipment (e.g. Cap of Ages) - buffs granted this way cannot be removed under any situation.

Buff Description Duration
AtkUp.pngATK Up Increases character's ATK by 20%. 3 turns
MndUp.pngMND Up Increases character's MND by 20%. 3 turns
DefUp.pngDEF Up Increases character's DEF by 25%. 3 turns
ResUp.pngRES Up Increases character's RES by 25%. 3 turns
CritUp.pngCRIT Up Increases character's CRIT by 25%. 3 turns
Thorns.pngThorns Reflects a portion of damage received to the attacker (regardless of distance). 4 turns
Haste.pngHaste Character gets its turn 33% faster. 3 turns
Renew.pngRenew Character recovers 12.5% of their max HP at the end of the turn. 3 turns
Rebirth.pngRebirth Character will revive with 20% of max HP when killed. Permanent until triggered
Mirage.pngMirage Character will evade next attack. 3 turns, or until triggered
Barrier.pngBarrier Prevents the next Debuff the character would be inflicted with. Permanent until triggered
AdaptiveAffinityWater.pngAdaptiveAffinityFire.pngAdaptiveAffinityEarth.pngAdaptiveAffinityThunder.pngAdaptiveAffinityDark.pngAdaptiveAffinityHoly.png Elemental Affinity Character deals 35% additional damage with a specific element. 3 turns
FleetofFoot.pngFleet of Foot Increases character's Move by 1. 3 turns
Focus.pngFocus Character deals 2x damage on their next attack or ability (does not affect items or the second attack while Dual Wielding). 2 turns, or until triggered
Boon.pngBoon Character's next non-item attack or ability will crit (even if that character could not normally crit with abilities). 2 turns, or until triggered
ElementalAegisWater.pngElementalAegisFire.pngElementalAegisEarth.pngElementalAegisThunder.pngElementalAegisDark.pngElementalAegisHoly.pngElemental Aegis Character has 75% increased resistance against a specific element. 3 turns
DarkBarrier.pngDark Barrier Increases Water.pngFire.pngEarth.pngThunder.pngDark.png resistance by 25 each. 3 turns


Below is a list of every debuff in the game. The chance for a debuff to be applied depends on the Ability and/or Weapon (e.g. Toothed Sword) used to inflict the debuff. Characters can have immunities to specific debuffs granted through Equipment or Passive Abilities. Certain Monsters and Bzil Classes also have immunities to various debuffs based on their type.

Debuff Description Duration
AtkDown.pngATK Down Decreases character's ATK by 20%. 3 turns
MndDown.pngMND Down Decreases character's MND by 20%. 3 turns
DefDown.pngDEF Down Decreases character's DEF by 25%. 3 turns
ResDown.pngRES Down Decreases character's RES by 25%. 3 turns
Poison.pngPoison Character loses 20% of max HP at the end of each turn (cannot kill the character). 3 turns
Bleed.pngBleed Character loses 12.5% of max HP at the end of each turn (cannot kill the character). 5 turns
Blind.pngBlind Character has -50% Accuracy. 2 turns
Root.pngRoot Character cannot move. 2 turns
Mute.pngMute Character cannot use Spells. 3 turns
Cripple.pngCripple Character cannot use Skills. 3 turns
Sleep.pngSleep Character will skip their turn and cannot evade attacks or abilities. This Debuff is removed upon taking damage. 3 turns
Berserk.pngBerserk Character cannot be controlled and will only use Regular Attacks against the nearest target, whether friend or foe. 2 turns
Charm.pngCharm Character cannot be controlled and will take actions that benefit the Charmer's team. If the character receives damage, this debuff will be removed. 2 turns
Slow.pngSlow Character's turn comes 34% slower. 3 turns
Weaken.pngWeaken Character cannot receive direct healing. 3 turns
Exhaust.pngExhaust Character cannot benefit from Quicken effects 2 turns

Debuff Chance[]

The chance to inflict a debuff is primarily determined by the source. Check the Weapons page for the base debuff chance of debuff-inflicting weapons, or the individual Class page for any abilities that inflict debuffs. The chance can then be modified by the following:

  • Level Differential: Your chance to inflict a debuff is 1% higher for each level higher you are than your target, and 1% lower for each level lower. This bonus/penalty cannot exceed 5%. If the base chance to inflict a debuff is 100%, then level differentials will not be applied.
  • Malice: The Malice passive increases the chance to inflict a debuff by 10% in most cases.
  • Critical Hits: A Critical Hit will always inflict a debuff if applicable.

If an ability could inflict a debuff multiple times, each attempt will be rolled separately. For example the weapon Dirk has a 62% chance to inflict Blind, while the scoundrel ability Dirty Hit also has a 62% chance to inflict blind. Because Dirty Hit inflicts the debuff of your weapon, both 62% chances will be rolled separately for an overall chance of 86%.

Chilling Touch, Deep Wounds, and Sunder have a unique formula for determining their chance to inflict a debuff. The odds to inflict a debuff are 150%/(n+1), where n is the number of targets. As such, 1 target has a 75% chance of inflicting the debuff, 2 targets has a 50% chance, and so on. When paired with Malice, the odds of at least one target being inflicted with the debuff increases by 10% instead of each individual target having a +10% chance of being inflicted with that debuff.

Opposing Conditions[]

If a buff and debuff have opposite effects (for example, AtkUp.pngATK Up and AtkDown.pngATK Down, or Haste.pngHaste and Slow.pngSlow), only the most recently applied condition will be in effect; the other will be removed. This means that if a character has Slow.pngSlow and an Alchemystic casts Haste.pngHaste on them, their Slow debuff will be removed and they will gain the benefits of the Haste buff. However, if that same unit got hit with another Slow effect, their Haste buff would be removed and replaced with Slow.

An exception to this rule is if a piece of equipment permanently grants a buff. In this case, they would receive the debuff as normal, which would cancel out their equipment buff, instead of dispelling it completely. For example, if a unit with the Guardian Sword is inflicted with DefDown.pngDEF Down, their DEF stat would go back to its normal value while the debuff is active. Once the debuff is removed, their DEF will go back to its boosted value.

The following conditions are considered opposed:

Buff Debuff
AtkUp.pngATK Up AtkDown.pngATK Down
MndUp.pngMND Up MndDown.pngMND Down
DefUp.pngDEF Up DefDown.pngDEF Down
ResUp.pngRES Up ResDown.pngRES Down
Haste.pngHaste Slow.pngSlow


A character can only have one of Sleep.pngSleep, Charm.pngCharm, or Berserk.pngBerserk. If a character already has one of those debuffs, trying to apply any other debuff in that list will fail.

Weaken.pngWeaken does not prevent indirect healing such as Renew.pngRenew, Life Font or Blessed One.

DarkBarrier.pngDark Barrier cannot be regularly applied by any player-accessible abilities, but it can be granted from abilities that apply random buffs, such as Snack Stash and Wild Card Diamond, as well as a start-of-battle effect from the Forlorn Hope, a Missions & Monsters exclusive Sword.

Exhaust.pngExhaust will not trigger the Side Effects passive ability. It cannot be shortened, extended (by the Permanence passive ability or Allure), nor dispelled. It cannot be applied by abilities that inflict random debuffs.

Boon.pngBoon and Focus.pngFocus are not affected by the Permanence passive ability. They are able to be transferred to other units through the Exemplar ability, however.