Bandit Kawa

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Bandit Kawa
Signature Ability

A mischievous Kawa that has amassed a sizable treasure. Cowardly at heart, it will try to escape to prevent anyone else from nabbing its ill-gotten gains.

Spawn Locations[edit | edit source]

A Bandit Kawa is guaranteed to spawn in the Azure Fields story mission. After that, Bandit Kawas have a chance to appear in any patrol (other than The Crossroads, Timber Road, Gyaum Tor, and Alpine Woods), with the chance increasing for each patrol you complete without encountering one.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Move.pngMove: 2 Jump.pngJump: 10 Swim.pngSwim

Water.png Fire.png Earth.png Thunder.png Dark.png Holy.png
50 50 50 50 75 25

Sleep.pngSleep, Charm.pngCharm, Berserk.pngBerserk Immunity

Abilities (Gobbledegook)[edit | edit source]

Name MP Range Area Shape Type Vs.
Escape 0 Self Single Ability.pngSpecial None
Character escapes the battlefield.
Speed Generator 18 1-2, Vert. 6 3, Vert. 2 Cross Ability.pngSpecial None
Grants Haste.pngHaste in a small area. A unit with Haste will get its turn faster.
Energizer 8 1-2, Vert. 4 N/A Single Ability.pngSpecial None
Restores 20 MP to the target.
Molecular Infuser 8 1-3, Vert. 6 N/A Single Ability.pngSpecial None
Grants AtkUp.pngATK Up, MndUp.pngMND Up to the target.
Reflectotron 6 1-3, Vert. 6 N/A Single Ability.pngSpecial None
Grants Thorns.pngThorns to the target. A unit with Thorns will automatically reflect some damage back when taking damage from any source.
Fleet of Foot Counter.pngCounter
Grants FleetofFoot.pngFleet of Foot to the character and removes Root.pngRoot after being targeted by any damaging offensive action.
Lucky Passive.pngPassive
Increases EVA, Crit.pngCrit, and Accuracy by 5.
Mana Expert Passive.pngPassive
Character starts combat with 15 MP instead of 0.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

When a Bandit Kawa spawns, it will always be 7 to 9 squares away from a deployment zone square. A Bandit Kawa will use Escape on its 4th turn, causing it to leave the battlefield permanently. Due to its Debuff immunities, there is no way to prevent the Bandit Kawa from escaping other than killing it before its 4th turn. Unlike regular Kawa, the Bandit Kawa will not use items and prefers buffing its allies to attacking. When it moves, it tries to get as far away as possible from any enemies, potentially making it difficult to corner.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Due to the Bandit Kawa's impressive Elemental resistances, it is recommended to use Physical.pngPhysical or Non-Elemental damage to take it down. Ranged weapons are useful since the bandit generally will not be in melee range on the first turn. Although the Bandit Kawa has the Fleet of Foot counter, he can still be rooted. He will not trigger the counter if he already has the Fleet of Foot buff on, so if you have access to Root.pngRoot, try to inflict it after the bandit has already has the Fleet of Foot buff. Some class-specific abilities are also very useful for taking down the Bandit Kawa before he flees:

  • Initiative from Gambler gives you a bonus turn at the start of the fight. This is especially useful on units with ranged weapons that can attack the Bandit Kawa immediately.
  • Mana Expert from Gadgeteer jump starts your MP, so that you can use high damage abilities like Sniper Shot or Blood Trophy earlier in the fight.
  • Sabotage from Assassin can forcefully move the Bandit Kawa closer to your units, possibly even putting him within melee range. On maps with Lava, you can combine Sabotage with Hover Boots to instantly kill the Bandit Kawa.

Notable Loot[edit | edit source]

Defeating a Bandit Kawa rewards 2-4 items, comprised of Crafting components and weapons, including weapons which are not normally available at the current chapter of the story. Henge Fragment 1 can also drop, with the chance increasing the further along in the story you are. Bandit Kawas also have a chance to drop the Bandit's Glove accessory, which cannot be purchased or crafted. One of the components they can drop is Gold Thread which is used to craft high-end accessories.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Bandit Kawa does not drop any Kawa Essences for the Kawa Monster Class.