Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki

Badges are used to unlock secret classes for Non-Story Characters.

The badge is consumed when used (i.e. one badge unlocks one class for one character). To use the badge, go to the class change screen. Attempt to change class to the badge class and the game will ask you if you want to use the badge.

A character may have more than one secret class unlocked.

Each secret class has class prerequisites that must be learned before the secret class can be unlocked. In the case of Lord and Princess, there are also gender requirements (male and female, respectively).


Badge Class Guaranteed location Components
Lunar Crest Werewolf Ekhinda Falls 1x Energized Crystal, 1x Mycoleather
Blood Crest Vampire Restful Stones 1x Dormant Crystal, 2x Dragonsblood Sap
Phylactery Lich Phougamouth Bogs 1x Dark Core, 1x Cold Iron
Lord Crest Lord None 1x Coronal Plume, 1x Energized Crystal
Princess Crest Princess None 1x Coronal Plume, 1x Angel Tears
Bone Crest Vessel Iirzk'tara Gorge 1x Meteorite, 1x Dark Core


Badges can be acquired in the following ways:

  • Guaranteed spawns in specific chests. These are always in the same place every game.
  • Craft a badge from components (see table above).
  • Dropped during an encounter. This is uncommon.

Coronal Plume Locations[]

Unlike the other Badges, the Lord Crest and Princess Crest do not have a guaranteed drop. Instead, their component Coronal Plume has a guaranteed drop at certain locations. This is so that you can choose whether to use the Coronal Plume to make a Lord Crest or Princess Crest. Both Crests still have a small chance to randomly drop from enemies.

Coronal Plumes are guaranteed in the following locations:

Coronal Plumes also have a small chance to drop from defeating enemies in late-game maps, and can be stolen from Vangals in Ancient Path maps.