Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki

The Ancient Tomb is the final map of the Ancient Path.

Story Mission[]

Level Range: 48-99 Reward: Energized Crystal, Dormant Crystal, Coronal Plume, Dark Core.

Completing the mission requires killing Quarta. Enemies will continually spawn from the bottom of the map, making it a good idea to take out the boss.

Roughly speaking, you have two options: go for a quick kill by dogpiling the boss, or stay near your start location and play it safe, cleaning out the minions first. Note that the boss has some abilities that greatly reward her getting kills - she will raise defeated characters as new undead. Canopic Jar, her random summon ability, can deal high damage. Curse can Charm your characters, although thankfully requires 12 MP to cast and you should have some good status immunity items crafted by now such as Amethyst Earrings or Malcubus Helm. On the bright side, she lacks any resistance to %HP attacks, so abilities such as Heavy Hit will reduce her HP fast. Quarta has many powerful abilities, but you can prevent her from casting them by attacking her to trigger her Mystic Shield, draining her MP.

If you can get a team member on top of each trapdoor before they open, even one of the trapdoors, you will be at a great advantage. Kyrie's Cleave ability is particularly useful for this if she is able to kill the monster that spawns on top of the lower trapdoor.

Gunner is a handy class for this map, since their Height Advantage passive will nearly always be at maximum effectiveness (barring an unfortunate Arpia Skyjack), and you should have some 10-range Infinity guns for safe sniping. Chivalry's Heavy Hit has a lot of good targets here as well, from the Abyssal Aeoth to the high-HP zombies to the boss herself - note that Heavy Hit works with a gun, too. Mages with Lay Waste casting Holystorm while staying near the start can be handy for whittling the map down and also knocking off the boss's Mystic Shield in the process.

Monster Spawns[]

This is the only map for Bzaro to learn the Mummified class on. If you didn't take him to the original battle, more Mummified can be found in patrols.