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Aerial Kawa.png
Dive Bomb
Passive 1
Height Advantage
Passive 2
Evade Skill
Monster 6
Wing Serum

This mutation bestows a Monster with the power of flight, granting them extra maneuverability on the battlefield.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Name AP MP Range Area Shape Type Vs
Variant Body 0 Variant
Grants Fly.pngFly and +2 EVA when this is the primary variant. If the monster can already fly, grants 2.5% SPD
Height Advantage 150 Passive.pngPassive
Increases damage done by 0.05x (up to 0.4x) for each height value the character has over the target.
Whirlwind 200 10 Self 5, Vert. 4 Cross Ability.pngSpell Res
Deals 0.9x Thunder.pngThunder (MND) damage in a large area around the character and randomly changes all targets' positions (will not move units to a water tile).
Harrier 200 Passive.pngPassive
Accuracy increases by 2.5% (max 25%), critical chance by 4.5% (max 50%), and debuff chance by 2.5% (max 25%) for every tile the character has moved this turn.
Evade Skill 200 Counter.pngCounter
Charater always evades any offensive Skill.
Swoop 300 8 Line 4, Vert. 10 4, Vert. 3 Line Ability.pngSkill Def
Character displaces themselves to the target location (cannot be a water tile) in a line and deals 0.8x Physical.pngPhysical (ATK) to the targets in the area traveled. Cannot be used if there are no targets in the area.

Mastery Bonus[edit | edit source]

ATK+3, MND+3, SPD+4, EVA+1

Required For[edit | edit source]

Celestial requires 3 levels of Aerial

Speedy requires 2 levels of Aerial, as well as 4 levels of Deft and 3 levels of Feral.