Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Wiki

Achievements for Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark.

Standard Achievements[]

These achievements' descriptions are always available and do not contain spoilers.

Champion Win the first Tournament Champion.png
Grand Champion Win the second Tournament Grand Champion.png
Sinking Feeling Drown an enemy Sinking Feeling.png
Stand Down! Defeat an enemy with falling damage Stand Down.png
Double Agent Defeat an enemy with a Berserk, Charmed, or Mind-Controlled enemy Double Agent.png
Animal Control Officer Defeat a unit with its Elemental weakness Animal Control Officer.png
Crowd Control Defeat at least 4 enemies with a single hit Crowd Control.png
Sharp Retort Defeat an enemy by using a Counter Ability or Thorns Sharp Retort.png
Open Book View all optional dialogue events Open Book.png
Wearer of Many Hats Unlock all 20 base Human Classes Wearer of Many Hats.png
Master of All Master all 20 base Human Classes Master of All.png
Master of Secrets Master all 6 special badge Classes Master of Secrets.png
Reassignment Change Class at least once Reassignment.png
Master in Your Field Master any Class Master in Your Field.png
Budding Crafter Craft your first item Budding Crafter.png
Master Smith Craft a final-tier weapon Master Smith.png
Veteran Investigator Open 50% of treasure chests Veteran Investigator.png
Relentless Investigator Open all treasure chests Relentless Investigator.png
Forbidden Lore Use your first Class badge Forbidden Lore.png
Inventor Obtain all gadgets Inventor.png
Master Arbiter Master all Human story character Classes Master Arbiter.png

For Master Smith, any weapon requiring an Adamant Ingot or Godwood counts as a final-tier Weapon.

Master of Secrets and Master of All don't need the requirements met on a single character. As long as all the classes are mastered among all your recruits, you will get the achievement.

Hidden Achievements[]

The description for these achievements are hidden until you unlock them. The descriptions below contain spoilers.

Name Description Icon
Marked for Glory Unlock the Marked Class Marked for Glory.png
Demon Touched Unlock the Demon Knight Class Demon Touched.png
Jack of All Trades Unlock the Spymaster Class Jack of All Trades.png
Devil Doc Recruit Yates Devil Doc.png
Beetle Crusher Recruit Bzaro Beetle Crusher.png
No More Smoke Bombs Recruit Katja No More Smoke Bombs.png
The Exiled Recruit Kairu The Exiled.png
My Hero Save Somier a second time My Hero.png
Pilgrimage - First Relic Visit the first Relic Pilgrimage First Relic.png
Pilgrimage - Second Relic Visit the second Relic Pilgrimage Second Relic.png
Pilgrimage - Third Relic Visit the third Relic Pilgrimage Third Relic.png
Pilgrimage - Fourth Relic Visit the fourth Relic Pilgrimage Fourth Relic.png
Pilgrimage - Fifth Relic Visit the fifth Relic Pilgrimage Fifth Relic.png
Mysterious and Spooky Complete the Halloween encounter Mysterious and Spooky.png
Laid to Rest Defeat Lady Anquine Laid to Rest.png
Smoke and Mirrors Defeat Morgaine Smoke and Mirrors.png
Sealed Fate Get the first ending Sealed Fate.png
Breaking the Seal Get the second ending Breaking the Seal.png
In the Footsteps of the Ancients Complete the Ancient Path In the Footsteps of the Ancients.png
Breaking the Curse Cleanse the Cursed Shield Breaking the Curse.png
Final Metamorphosis Master all 19 base Monster Classes Final Metamorphosis.png
Riddle Me This Complete the Obelisk Riddle Riddle Me This.png

Final Metamorphosis requires all Monster Classes other than Mummified to be mastered by Bzaro.

Missions and Monsters Achievements[]

These achievements require the Missions and Monsters DLC.

Name Description Icon
Humble Caretaker Build a Guild Upgrade Humble Caretaker.png
Caretaker of the Realm Fully upgrade all 5 regions Caretaker of the Realm.png
Regional Hero Complete 100% of Missions in one region Regional Hero.png
Mission Accomplished! Complete all Missions Mission Accomplished.png
Warrior and Wild Ones Master the 3 new Human Classes Warriors and Wild Ones.png
Catch 'em All Enlist each of the base 18 recruitable Monster types Catch em All.png
Big Game Hunter Complete all unique Hunts and large-scale battles Big Game Hunter.png
Master of Monsters Master all 22 Monster Variants Master of Monsters.png
Small but Fierce! Defeat an enemy with a Pet Effect Small but Fierce.png
Monster Party Complete an encounter deploying only Monsters Monster Party.png